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The ICA Statement on cooperative identity

To find out more about the International Cooperative Association’s ‘Statement of Identity’ follow this link.

Sources of help for setting-up co-ops

Those seeking help with setting-up or joining specific types of self-help enterprise are recommended to search the internet for your national associations using the type of enterprise that is of interest to you.  For example, cooperatives (or co-operatives), credit unions, friendly societies, building societies, mutual insurers, supporters’ trusts, etc.  Search also, using the activities and the types of co-ops, such as agricultural/ farmers, consumers, workers, housing, banks, community, transport, artists.

For those living in the United Kingdom contact follow the links Co-operatives UK
or for community enterprises contact the Plunkett Foundation.

Capacity building and training for co-ops

The International Labour Organization (ILO) provides capacity building and training services that enable cooperatives and other self-help enterprises to become more competitive and sustainable in the marketplace - follow this link

The Book - Enterprises that Change Lives

All the approaches outlined on the website are detailed in my latest book for full details - follow this link

Co-opPundit videos

Select from all available Co-opPundit videos hosted by Vimeo view now or see later
Showcase of all co-oppundit videos
Cooperatives and all other types of self-help enterprise
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