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Co-operation - the beautiful idea

by Edgar Parnell

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Co-operation- The Beautiful Idea

by Edgar Parnell

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Reinventing Co-operation
- the challenge of the 21st century

by Edgar Parnell - Printed version only

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Co-operation - the beautiful idea

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This new booklet explains, in less than 80 pages, the theory and practice of
Co-operation and mutualism
“This booklet addresses the organisational issues that inhibit the growth and development of co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs). It deals with the practical issues of running CMEs, including: co-operation in practice, the economics of co-operation, the enterprise model, the purpose of co-operation, equivalence and democratic control, leadership, financing; - and provides an agenda for change”

“All too often co-operatives and mutuals lack clarity of purpose, pursue an uncertain agenda; and are pushed in different directions by those who would rather see them meet their personal priorities than the real needs of their members”

“Provides an agenda for change for co-operative and mutual enterprises everywhere”

“Offers an aid to clearing away the woolly thinking that frequently surrounds the practice of co-operation”

Reinventing Co-operation  - the Challenge of the 21st. Century 
by Edgar Parnell

Published by the Plunkett Foundation

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Operations Manager, Plunkett, The Quadrangle, Banbury Road, Woodstock,  OX20 1LH 
Phone +44 (0)1993 810730 
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This book has been translated into several languages including: Greek, Italian, Korean, Russian, Tamil, and is a set book on several university courses.

Co-operatives and mutuals - to be valued for what they deliver
last updated: February 2012 © Edgar Parnell 2012

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