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This website is called 'Cooperatives plus' because the information it provides is relevant not only to co-ops but also to credit unions, community enterprises, friendly societies, building societies, savings and loan associations, mutual insurers and all other types of self-help enterprises. All authentic self-help enterprises exist to serve their members; this means delivering the outcomes that their members want, this makes them fundamentally different from any other form of enterprise.

From here on, for the sake of brevity, I shall only refer to 'co-ops' but please understand that this term also embraces all the many other different types of self-help enterprises.

The aim of this website

The aim of the website is to help all those involved in or with co-ops to organize and run them so that they are ‘fit-for-purpose’ in today’s world. The information included is intended to provide members, their leaders, their managers, and all others that seek to promote and support co-ops, with a clear understanding of what it takes to ensure that co-ops achieve their purpose and carry-out their true function whilst sustaining viability and democratic member-control.

To find out more:

Please ‘click’ here to explore the Co-opPundit website

Pease note: the material, including the linked videos, are covered by a Creative Commons licence, which means that you are free to make use of it for training, educational and similar purposes, provided that its source is acknowledged.

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Cooperatives and all other types of self-help enterprise
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