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Cooperative Principles are not enough on their own, a successful cooperative needs much more than this, including:

- A clear and well understood purpose and function
- A viable market intervention strategy
- The right form of organization
- The essential foundation policies and practices
- The management systems to support them.

In other words - a comprehensive Cooperative Enterprise Model.

Plus, people that are fully committed to working in the best interest of their members.  Cooperative leaders must be people that not only have all of the essential traits required of first class leaders but they must also fully comprehend the dynamics of the marketplace that their cooperative seeks to work within.

A model of enterprise – means a simplified design or structure used to define the essential features and characteristics of a specific category of enterprise.  One specific model of enterprise may be used as the basis for several different forms and types of enterprise. An enterprise model should provide a comprehensive system that is well understood by all those involved, and which guides decision-making throughout the enterprise. Whatever the purpose of an enterprise, it is vital that those involved both choose the correct model to achieve their purpose and fully understand the characteristics of the chosen model; also the policies, practices and systems required to sustain the model.

The Cooperative Enterprise Model

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