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Edgar Parnell

"I believe that cooperatives and other member-controlled enterprises have a vital role to perform in the world but they do need to change if they are to rise to the challenge"

Edgar Parnell has spent a lifetime working in cooperatives and other forms of member-controlled enterprise. He has worked in and with many different types of organizations, ranging from the micro to the mega. His experience with a wide range of enterprises, charities, non-governmental organizations and government institutions at local, national, regional and international levels, has encompassed more than forty different countries. A former Chief Executive of the Plunkett Foundation, he now acts an independent advocate, critic and commentator for member-controlled enterprise. Previous appointments include: UN/ILO adviser in India, manager for the Fund for the Research and Development of Africa, adviser on cooperative management in Jamaica, manager and consultant for the CWS (The Cooperative Group), business consultant for Clarks Ltd., general manager of the Botswana Cooperative Development Trust, also has held senior management posts in several UK-based cooperatives. Edgar is the author of many publications about cooperation and related topics. His current status is that of a ‘change agent’.
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